Daddy's Girl?

Maybe you could ignore your dad. I mean it's good advice but somewhat limited. When someone you love is busy being stupid about who you are, it is, at the least, discombobulating. At the other end, crushing. I mean, he knows you. He knows full well who you are and what you're up to. He knows what you love and what drives you. And now because he's scared, he suddenly pretends none of what makes you you exists. Unfortunately what he's recommending to you is a form of slavery. He wants you to pretend to be someone else. Someone he will not have to worry about. And then, worse, he wants you to become that person. Oh my. Like you would change a dress. So, I guess you could feel sorry for him. Meditate on what glimspe of horror has driven him to be willing to persuade you to exchange yourself for another self. Maybe you'll find compassion. Maybe you'll tell him to kiss your ass. Tell him he can kiss mine. I like you the way you are. As a matter of fact, I think you're extraordinary. I would be saddened to find you had traded yourself in for a lesser model. But me? I can't break your heart. And he can. So until he comes to his senses...maybe you could ignore your dad.