Small Seal Script

Seems like this week is finding me writing a bit before I go to the studio. I prefer writing when I'm up and everything is shiny but that just isn't the case everyday. And today would be to fake it to keep it bright. All the same I always have good things in my day, in this case good things in my morning (Teddie the cat). And even if things aren't so up I always have something or other I'm thinking about that I like writing about.

I've returned to a classic mode of abstract expressionism in the studio. But that's a bit misleading. No imagery maybe but there are some symbols I'm working with, early Chinese ideograms. Small Seal Script. (Isn't that lovely?) These have been of interest to me because of the Taoist readings I've been involved for some time. I start my day with a Qi Gong exercise followed by one of these readings and this has made me curious about their early forms. Beautiful things these Small Seal Script ideograms. They are somewhat reminiscent of my boola paintings and that's why I thought they might work.

Problem is the boola refer to nothing outside of my own iconography. Which is when a painting can become a truly abstract work. They are metaphoric ultimately, in this case the titles carry the metaphor. And that's ok because all things become so, but they are art created metaphors. Something entirely different. See where I'm going with this? I'm trying to relax into using the Small Seal Script, a far extrapolation to be sure, but all the same this is somewhat new for me.

And it needs to be new because I have sold only three of all the boola's I've ever made. And my dealers do not wish to show them (to give Pam credit she did show a few and sold two). I'm looking for more accessibility. Some might say I'm selling out. Although I don't really know what that means anymore and furthermore if I did and could I probably would. So I'm thinking a bit of historical data, Small Seal, combined with Taoist meditations might be something my dealers and collectors, both established and would-be, could hang their proverbial hat on.

Because they sure as hell need something to hang that hat on. Originality is a hard sell. Where is the pre-established language? Meaning? Where is the established market value? No where. This leaves everyone to think for themselves. To experience something directly for themselves. Oh. At this point it really becomes a bit of a crap shoot and I am just too small to have the number of players that are able to make that move as my only move. When it comes to art anyway.

That's my morning. And maybe because I've written this and because of that had a bit deeper examination today will be improved when I go into the studio. We'll see.