To see a movie long enough after the reviews have come and gone has become an ideal situation for me. This way I can watch the movie untainted, mostly, by anyone else's judgment or expectation I might have developed from the previews or reviews. Same with paintings. Same with people, too.

So last night when I sat down to watch Black Swan I didn't have anything in mind other than a vague bit of freaky-deaky and dancers. The dancing I was really looking forward to. But it was kind of like chair dancing, if you know what I mean. The actress was filmed in the dance scenes mostly from the waist up. And the occasional long view. And frankly I didn't think she was very good. And I thought the plot was lame. I thought the set and costumes left a lot to be desired. I thought back to the previews of the movie and decided they were better than the movie itself.

I imagine most professional dancers to be more than a bit uncomfortable with the movie. Art's discipline requires much and to think this discipline could be accommodated by a sad, mentally unbalanced young woman is a stretch. Not of the imagination but the stretch of a cliche.