what we do with what we see

From my daily dose of Tao: from this point of view the mind is to be fully developed through satisfying one's curiosity concerning nature, civilization, mathematics, and language. The way of this through scholarly tools of discrimination, categorization and dualistic distinction in however sophisticated a form one is capable or so desires. The intellect fully developed can then be brought to a point of neutrality. We can loosen prejudice. Eliminate superstitions. We can become objective. And at this point Tao begins. I wasn't especially interested in writing about this today until, looking for a quote from W. Burroughs, I came across this entry I had made in an earlier journal.

...We looked at a photograph, she and I. An educated woman, competent mother, shopper, cook, wife. A well-spoken woman, a keeper-of-books. A librarian by trade. We looked at a photograph. Two deer. A large and powerful stag, much antlered, taking his ease in a bed of leaves. A young male, antlers only the smallest knobs, laying on his side snuggled into the neck of the the stag. Their time of competition, the rutting season, not quite near. Not yet. The image was one of sweet pleasure. The woman looked, sighed, and asked if I thought they really felt affection for one another. When there it was, clear as calm water, for all to see. All I could think was, my god how distant you've become. How unable to believe the grace you so obviously see...