Ink on Paper
60 X 80 Inches

On Rich Mountain there was a chicken known locally as THE BIG HEN. Oh she was a bruiser all right. The others were mostly bluff but this one you always wanted to take seriously. One season she had an astounding number of chicks. Twenty-two yellow fluffballs following her every move. In the evenings she would tuck all twenty-two under her wings. What a sight it was to see them peeking out when she would settle her feathers.

Which is why the Renaissance Misericordia Madonnas sheltering the faithful under her gown continue to hold their charm for me. The word, it seems, is a Latin translation of the Hebrew for loving-kindness. Which also continues to hold its charm for me.

We break it, we shake it, we re-arrange all the pieces but even in this post-modern heyday art is a continuum. Which is why from time to time I reach back and take for a point of departure an image seemingly long past value. Not to me. I'm just getting in line. Adding my piece. From the 21st century to the 15th a love letter. Dear Piero....I hope this finds you well.