The Great Wave

Most days I start with a bit of Qi Gong and a Taoist reading. Yesterday the reading was especially provocative as it advised that "one's best asset is the will to live". I'm giving this much serious thought, simple as it is. Sometimes there seems to be a linear path I've named "if things go on as they are" leading straight to self-destruction. There is much falseness in this. The things I do wish to continue are in far greater abundance than those that are not. And that particular linear path doesn't leave any room for the unexpected. It is a box. A closed box doomed to the second law of thermodynamics which in part states that a closed system will die simply because of a lack of incoming energy. Entropy.

I talked to the needle-man today about this and our conversation lead to the notion of practice. The practice of meditation, yoga, qi gong. The practice of love or kindness. The practices that allow new energy to come into our beings. Practices that help stop repetitive thinking. Practices that clear the bad air right out of the room. Practices that maybe even allow us to see specious thinking for what it really is. Good Grief! how our metaphors have the power to bind us to them. This one being "if things go on as they are". Well, nothing goes on as it is. Cycles are the truest of all of natures great lessons. Things change. And practice may well be the way I can find a way to move through them with a bit of grace.

I've been thinking about Hiroshige's Great Wave. And how these times seem that a great wave is upon many of us. In his painting that small boat floats at the bottom, hardly visible. The boat may survive it, it may not. All the passengers may, or not. There is nothing personal about the great wave and nothing we can do about it either. Not a damn thing. The choice is wonder, the choice is calmness, the choice is hysteria. These are my true choices. Maybe the boat will make it to shore, maybe not. Maybe I'll make it to shore, maybe not. I can't know these things and to give them extended thought is to waste my time when I could be doing something else entirely. Like writing this. Or having a cup of tea. Or petting Teddie the cat. I think I'll go pet Teddie.