Tomato Provocation Tomato Inspiration

The most maligned day of the week is surely Monday. But it seems to have become a favorite of mine. A fresh week a new start, Monday morning has come to find me filled with vigor and goodwill. An excellent way start to any day I'm sure. Waving the, let's say circular and if that's too hard to fly then cubist, contrarian flag off I go. To the studio where I think I may be inspired by the painting in progress itself. Part of the appeal of abstract painting is that it is, if I so allow, self-directed. The brushwork on the canvas begins to suggest possible moves and there we go.

Some canvasses are born of inspiration others a provocation. Both are good things to be sure,but they have a different sort of energy about them. To induce or to stimulate doesn't seem all that different but that difference can mean much in the small arena called studio and even smaller called canvas.

Provocation is generally more linear, there is a reaction directly involved in the source. You say tomato I say tomato. Inspiration lets it go right on down into the ground bound hairy roots and then up into the wind the rain the sun. The redness, the firm taunt skin, the pungent smell like no other is the fresh leaf. Picked, held, carried back to the house then sliced onto a delicious sandwich. White bread with mayo for me please. Or into into the pot with first love garlic, the tomato simmers alongside the basil. We'll not forget good friend basil. Growing up in the garden side by side they shared the power of the sunrise, the ease of rain, star filled nights and the dance of the wind. They touched long before the pot. Onto the pasta (another tale entirely another continent altogether) then the table where we may sit with friends of our own to devour this feast. Inspiration. So often the gift of friendship.