Bird Drawing

5 X 5 Inches

A Tufted Titmouse came to the window sill one morning on Rich Mountain. Birds came to the sill from time to time, either recovering from a crash into the window pane or what seemed to be a brief survey of the nearby hemlocks for friend or foe. But this one stayed on the window sill. And stayed. And stayed. At some point I picked up a sketch book, pencil and began to draw.

Birds are a favorite part of my world and I've used their images in my work often. Anatomical books on birds are an interesting reference occasionally, but aren't something I pour over. Fine images of birds show up often in the great pantheon that is art history. Those I've spent more time with. I haven't had the heart to use a dead bird as a model, even though I find them from time to time and admire what they were.

To have a living model mere inches away. And a perfect model, ready to hold the same pose for the standard fifteen minutes, truly a professional. A dream come true.

The bird stayed for about an hour. When flight finally came I found myself with four or five drawings. This one I liked best. Up until this time I had never made a print but after I had looked at Bird/Portrait for a couple of years I decided to do so. The size was right, color wasn't a factor and I had a high resolution scanner to reproduce it.

The first one went to Tom and Sharron. Sharron has an absolutely astounding connection with birds. Her bird encounters approach what I can only call the truly mystical. Tom, he's all about love, One Love. The second to Betty Webb. She and I share something I call, for lack of a better word, karmic. And like many of my seemingly karmic relationships I am much much richer for knowing her. Oh yeah.

If you would like a print of Bird/Portrait please feel free to download and print it out. If you would like to share this with someone, please feel free to do that as well. At the bottom of each post is a small envelope. Presumably, if clicked, you will be able to send the post with the drawing. The comment link hasn't seemed to be working very well. We can hope for the best with the email link. If you can't print it out, email me and I will do my best to send you one.

I like the thought of certain people being linked by Bird/Portrait. Will the circle be broken? Sure. Will it re-form? Absolutely.