Oh Woe

I've been doing really well up until a couple of days ago when my car broke down in Black Mountain on my way to Asheville. I stood on the street and considered my options. Called AAA. Did the tow. The one garage in town, even though they were not busy, wouldn't check the car. Said he had no way of knowing what could be wrong? The tow truck driver watched this bit of business go down and moved the car across the street where he proceeded to check it out himself. After it started right up and all parts seemed fine he said if it were him he would drive it back to Boone. Save the time and money involved in the tow. So I did. A nerve-racking trip I will say that. When I pulled into the driveway all I felt was relief. But then the next day a certain malaise set in.

When I think of the term 'downward spiral' I think of something becoming smaller. But this malaise spiraled maybe upward? And kept on going until it simply exploded and shot evil poison juice all over me, Katie the Kat and even managed to splatter David in Connecticut via the telephone. Teddie wasn't affected. His only interest is love and anything not love simply doesn't exist for him. Lucky guy.