I am out of it today. Out of energy, out of ambition and in some sort of drugged-like but drug-less daze. I drove into town to the studio, turned around and came back home. Yesterday in the studio I seemingly exhausted not only Tuesday but Wednesday as well. Usually I pace the physical but no not with this one. Some paintings take it all and then some and I think this is going to be one of those. I come to a reasonable stopping point and don't. I want to see the next thing evolve so I go one more round and then that turns into another. Some paintings make me hungry. This is hungry painting.

Some of these I've been able to actually finish. I think of Buddha on the Bridge and the year it spent in the studio. The Dutch Boat, good grief! it went on and on. They aren't all like that but it sure is interesting to me that when they show up I can hardly stay away from them. Not all I've been able to finish. There are a few stacked and stored in far corners: dusty,chaotic, unresolved. After years. And yet when I come across them I still think...someday. And it happens. I finished Deus ex Machina last month after having put it aside for nearly five years. And next week I deliver it to the gallery. Faut accompli.