Walk on By

When trouble comes to our lives the sage is immediately brought into the picture. The Buddhist sage may recommend 'falling on the sharp point". The sharp point being the pain of misfortune. Yours or mine included. The fall will help you understand what it is that is happening: misery, anxiety, depression or the resentment and ill feelings that any of these states may bring. And presumably with this understanding compassion and calm will follow. The compassion and calm will become some sort of little pillow you can sit on and contemplate your sorrows or the sorrows of others. Then the sorrows will become a simple fact of life and voila! enlightenment. Ain't it grand?

A sage from another schools of 'thought' may suggest that troubles may just be a way to finally accept your own inherently fault-ridden, sinful self. Understand that this life on earth is a veil of tears not to be taken too seriously except as a test. A test from which you may pass and gain admission to a superior existence elsewhere. Elsewhere being a better life here on Earth as part progress on the karmic wheel. Or perhaps a different location altogether. Such as heaven.

What they all share is the notion that whatever your troubles are, including being troubled by other's trouble, you are to blame. Even if someone else caused your trouble, you are somehow responsible for its existence in your life. Because of something you failed to understand properly in another life possibly. Who knows? But the cause is going to turn out to be yours whether you directly created the trouble or not. Someone rips you off? Hey you wanted it huh? Someone stabs you? Oh you must have given them the very knife, right? The only exception to this rule would be a rape case where it has become politically incorrect, in the extreme, to suggest that 'she wanted it, huh'.

Say you're dealing with a bully, what a great opportunity to create compassion in your life. Say you've been ripped off, a wonderful opportunity to learn the lessons of poverty. Who needs medical care, fresh vegetables on the table or good shoes? That abscessed tooth a problem? Well, just think how much better off you will be once you learn to live with constant unnecessary pain. The list of what poverty can remove from a life is long. (Makes me wonder why everyone isn't out burning their money this very moment.)

Does anyone other than myself start to hear more than a little bullshit in all this? Does anyone other than myself see the danger in refusing to act as the collective that we in fact are? Does anyone else see the cheapness in all this? Because that's what it seems to come down too. A good excuse to not do a damn thing to take responsibility for one another.

A good excuse to just walk on by. I don't like walking on by. I'm very fortunate to know, and of,  people who find it as distasteful as I do. Other people who are willing to stop, to look, to listen and then take the time to figure out what they can do to help. How brightly you shine.