David's Accident

A couple of days ago, Thursday I think, David took a fairly serious fall.  A very bad cut to the underside of his forearm went through the fat and muscle all the way to the bone.  It looked quite ragged and the pocket it made was filled with dirt and gravel. But the skin was cut at a right angle which made the closing much easier than we thought it was going to be.  He fell into dirt and gravel, which absolutely filled the gaping wound, so infection is going to have watched for closely.  He broke a top rib and dislocated his shoulder. The left shoulder took most of the impact and the damage to the ligament and muscle is extensive. The left lung is bruised a bit.

The ER (oh yeah) doctor says the arm must be kept in a sling with minimal movement for six weeks.  He doesn't like that, of course.  And it probably has about the same odds of happening as Teddie the Cat wearing a hat for six weeks.  But I'll try and since he is in a weakened position I may have some sucess.

He's supposed to see an orthopedic man this next week about the shoulder.  We were hoping the homeowner insurance would cover the medicals but that part of the policy is guests only.  I'm sure you will all be relieved to know that if, when visiting, you were to take a fall here at Chez Bethel you'll be covered. 

These past couple of days  he's been sedated but  up and around a bit.  His left arm and shoulder  took the brunt of the fall so he isn't nearly as helpless as the right would have left him. He received two calls for work the morning after the accident and that was definitely a bit of a drag for him. Mostly though, his spirits have been good.  Some middle of the night anger and puzzlement over exactly why his shoulder bone is still protruding but other than that mostly grateful that it wasn't worse and that he wasn't alone when it happened.

He cooked breakfast yesterday after an attempt on my part resulted in almost burning the kitchen down. Knowing how our cooking situation shakes down, La was ready to drive up from Raleigh, certain of sure starvation for the both of us if I was left in charge of any culinary effort.  But the ramblingGambler showed up before we had to fight the cats for kibble, with enough lovely prepared foods from Earth Fare to feed us, and well, for the rest of the week at least.

He's reading, napping and had his first shower yesterday. We've walked most of the way to the barn and back and hope to go to the garden for tomatoes later if it stops raining. Progress to be sure.  I'll keep you posted.