Teenage Girls


Teenage girls in Chile have occupied 200 primary and secondary school for FIVE MONTHS!!

And not a word in our media about this outrageous protest.  The NY Times choose instead to report on the decorating of school lockers by American girls.  Whoa.  I know everyone at the Times cannot be so indifferent or stupid but they are well-paid and I suppose that's enough.

How well I remember the year leading up to the invasion of Iraq, the insisitent reporting published by the Times assuring us of the 'weapons of mass destruction'.  I often wondered if they picked up that phrase from a superman comic.  Sure did sound like it.  Amazing how this well-educated group of columnists and reporters were able sit by and watch that year go down.  I remember, oh so well,  one of them, Dowd, writing that the 'capering antics' of the leading reporter about this business, Judith Miller, 'were amusing'.

But then as much as I don't think it is a good thing to forget, this is the day I want to be in, to be part of.

The righteous actions of these teenage girls, Camilla Vallejo, the protesters on Walls Street and those of Arab Spring have given me heart.  Have given back a piece of my heart the 1% have been chewing on for years.