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On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 10:36 AM, La wrote:

On Oct 13, 2011, at 10:15 AM, Zoey Brookshire wrote:

There are two yellow boola to hang out with Forma III.  And yes yellow might enter the painting again. But only in a secondary or tertiary  situation. This is what I had imagined.Not as the primary.  I think this painting has taken up about a month of studio time.  Drying time, thinking time, and of course brush work.  Now I can move it to the wall I'm using for 2nd stage drying and free up work space.  My actual painting space in this particular studio is somewhat limited but I've figured out a way to almost double it.  Oh joy........Z Good. I was wondering how you were doing so  much large scale work simultaneously in that small space. Are you standing on your head?

Yes, I am standing on my head (actually I was required to do a bit of upsidedown painting hanging off a ladder on Forma, rough stuff) and will be for just a little while longer.  My plan for the space requires David to build a framing devise. It may not happen for a few more weeks but just knowing it's in the works is almost enough.  But the thing is that a yet another round of paint often follows the second drying. I've been able to do this off the main painting wall with this  'new' wall configuration. I've been sketching the paintings once finished, looking for variation in the dialogue, and that's generated an enormous amount of energy that I wasn't expecting.  

I know whatever I'm listening to in the studio must have it's influence.  For most of Forma III that has been Gould's Goldberg Variations, a lovely and important gift. There is, obviously, an implied measure in all the paintings of this series.  That's the part of geometry that seems to be most important in ordering the visual presence in my painting experience.

Now I have moved on to one of my my favorite screamers: Neil Young,  and further more have painted POWER TO THE PEOPLE on the back of my OD green Worth jacket.  I'll be setting up in the studio today for the next painting.  Always an exciting time.


On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 9:57 AM, La wrote:
I can understand that feeling. Somehow when you talked about adding yellow, I had the idea you meant adding yellow to the violet and black images. Maybe need another yellow so this one doesn't look lonely?
If you're thinking about an installation sure maybe. . 
On Oct 12, 2011, at 7:41 PM, Zoey Brookshire wrote:

I've been deranged visually by this was the first day I thought I could really see the work, it vanished in to the great amorphous of yellow several weeks ago ...this one's been worth it but am I glad to walk away.  Zoey

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