Occupy Wall Street


This all feels so good.  I look at the pictures from New York and I see people that I recognize.  I do not know them (although I thought I caught a glimpse of Margaret, sans shirt per usual) but they seem very familiar.  They are 'my type' whatever the hell that means.  What that means is that I am not feeling nearly as lonely.  Loneliness had become an acceptable part and parcel these past few (oh say 25 or 30) years of my life. My concerns, my values, my questions:  if these were shared it was from person to rare person and limited generally to the back pages of the US type news.

I've been heartened by the European media as they publish so much of what is of interest to me while our own papers let important news fly on by.  Like Camilla Vallejo, the 23 year old leader of a revolution that began in Chili and is spreading through out South America. Like the teenage girls in Santiago that are occupying 200 primary and middle schools in Chili and have been for five months.  Education, they say, is not a commodity.

Neither is health care, or credit, or housing. How about food? All these things are precious here on Planet Earth.  Precious to all of us.  Wall Street has behaved as if these were only precious to them.  Not so.  And this above all is what I hope will shift.

I have been heartened by the signs these protesters carry.  Like cap interest rates at 10%.  This would release so many of us from the debtors prisons in which we are serving our time.  This would free us up to figure out how to re-organize our energy systems. The current powers-that-be like to think they will do this for us. I don't think this is how that happens. The individual, closely connected with other like-minded souls, is the one who always, always, always brings about significant change. On all fronts.

And maybe that is the who of Occupy Wall Street.  Individuals come together to address the serious issues
of our times.  And I think are doing a better job of it than in any boardroom or government office.  Nothing much happens in those places up until now that isn't immediately self-serving to those in the room itself.  But in those rooms they are listening today.  They are paying attention.   And that is what, above all, will  bring the start of serious negotiation and compromise.  A shifting of the paradigm.  Move that and the rest will follow.

Power to the People.  We're looking very very good.  Funny how the media has come to insist that we don't look good at all.  That we need the likes of Lohan (not that I don't think she's lovely, I do) and Paris to do that for us.  That we're all terribly overweight, out-of-shape and without personal style.  Not from the pictures I'm looking at from Wall Street. Not at all.  The best US coverage has been coming from the New York Daily News, their pictures are wonderful.