Good Grief!  Where will they put us all if the military starts arresting horders of food and the like as suspected terrorists?  And what a party that would be.

Change is inevitable and obviously we are in a time of great change.  The powers that be will do all they can to maintain their status quo.  I've been following this bit of business in the news, interestingly enough most of the military leaders that testified on the bill thought it was a very bad idea. One said it would be a 'self-inflicted wound'.  Probably, much like the McCarthy era, this period of repression will not last.  At the time he certainly seemed invincible.  Seemed like.  Was not. 

From my sense of history this stuff been going on for many many years... in 1970 the Kent State Massacre was clearly a expression of the powers-that-be. One highly visible expression.  It changed me forever.  The recent Arrest Bill (or whatever it's name may be) is no surprise.  And is definitely after the fact.  Our government, essentially an arm of a vast and powerful military/industrial/corporate complex, has done whatever, wherever it pleased for some time, regardless of constitutional concerns. Ah...the American Indian.  Ah..the slavery of the African-American.  Oh... Vietnam.  O..woman.  And never will I  forget the death squads of South America.

A larger portion of the population is no longer as useful as it once was.  That's all.  For me it has never been about the numbers or a once protected group.  Unfortunately when we are comfortable we are not nearly as concerned.  It was always happening some where else to someone else, why be troubled?  Why not just tuck in with a new gadget in front of a favorite sitcom? I may not be 'as guilty' as others in this acquiescence but my guilt is palatable all the same. The government is, I believe, a clear expression of the ultimate values of most of its people.  My best hope is that these values can possibly change.  For the 'right reasons", probably not.  I try to remember this. 

The good news, for me, is the power of nature. Which includes the power of astrology. (That really puts the nail in the coffin of 'good sense', doesn't it?  But then look, if you will, where the polemics of 'good sense' have gotten us.) For some 2000 years we have been under a heavily militaristic influence.  That is waning.  And like a great beast in its final glory what has been will hold as long as possible.  We feel and see the great swishing tail of a dying beast.

I had a cousin by the name of Jean..a wild one to be sure.  She was arrested for assault once ( a man and his truck, oh that truck did suffer) for, if I remember correctly, kicking her cat. At her trial her total lack of contrition irritated the judge highly.  When he reminded her that he could impose a jail sentence (not too much as she was without any type of previous conviction) and should therefore submit to his desire for contrition she told him that that conviction would be absolutely fine with her as she would be fed and housed at the county's expense. The memory has been and is, dear to me. As she was.  Bold and fearless, she did not know how much I admired her.  How much I loved her for that stand.  For her deep stubborn courage.  

So yes, the possibility of internment is on the rise. But I'll try not to become hysterical about it and remember instead what my cousin knew:  they'll have to feed us.  They would have to house us as well and there may be too many of us for that to be economically advantageous to the 1% , the ultimate criteria.  

I will not fight anything as much as I may want to and let me tell you somedays I want to.  But what I've come to know is to struggle with the beast is feed the beast. There is another way.  I cannot yet name it but I feel it strongly.

Unfortunately,  this is not an obscure issue.  Those who do not know do not wish to know.  I love my friends whose great passion for knowledge has convinced them that through knowledge comes the power to change our society. I often hope they are right and I am wrong in thinking that if people only knew they would change.  

I think we will change and I am heartened by that thought but I do not think the change will necessarily come from within.  The artists, the writers, the thinkers...the beautiful ambition-less lovers of peace...there is something we keep alive and that is desire.  For truth. For beauty.  For love. For peace.  This  desire...maybe it is an offering, an offering I can only begin to understand.