Bolshevik Bivouac

In movies like Dr Zhivago ( if that plural is possible), after revolutionaries take control the large houses of the elite are divided up into small apartments.  Here in Bethel that's what we've been doing:  the Bolshevik Bivouac. This past week the propane tank was down to empty and finally meant it. While we were waiting for gravel we had not wanted the gas delivery guy to risk the road.  It has come to a rough state through these winter rains. So we finally ran out of gas.

We partitioned off a couple of rooms thinking the smaller rooms would be easier to heat using the radiant/forced air combo.  And they were, and still are.  Warm.  The delivery guy filled the tank yesterday.  Knowing we were by this time probably without heat, he decided not to wait for the gravel.  We're good on all heating fronts but have left a sofa section in the kitchen a la Bolshevik/Bivouac.  Excellent place for bird watching and oh so convenient for tea.  The pleasures of winter.

We even went outside yesterday had a small twig fire burning in the little metal fire pit. What next? Marshmallows?