There are this one this morning.  Moments when everything becomes truly possible.  That it is just for a moment doesn't matter at all.  It is.  It was.  It can be.  And maybe it's all most of us want here on this Earth.  To connect.  To be part of.  To be without fear and without being feared.  To be part of the beauty and grace that says bird.  That bird says.  To have a wing brush our shoulder.  A real wing attached to a real bird who quite possibly ate a real bug for breakfast.

There are moments when the confusions and disappointments of human life matter not at all.  Moments when I, too, become as pure and free on this planet as this bird.  Moments when both past and future become meaningless. Moments when the present is all and is enough.  Moments when it doesn't matter where we are or who we are.  Moments when simply being is enough to be filled with joy.  Somedays it doesn't take a bird on my shoulder but it sure is fine when it happens.

Yes.  There are moments.