Taking the proverbial new year inventory is what I'm up to today. Unlike previous year's focus on the moral constructs of resolution I am focused today instead on material goods. I found myself wandering the house early today intensely enjoying the goods that fill it. The chair before the fire; more than good.  Beyond merely adequate, this chair's stylish comfort filled me with a keen sense of having not only a well-designed chair but a one that found it's way into lovely co-habituation with the modernistic aesthetic of my working concerns.

The lamps, the tables, the dishes, the washing machine, the partial curtain I need when the sun is too bright for the room:  all ideal forms for the function required.  I am at ease with my stuff.

When the prospect of having to move due to something like foreclosure loomed large this past year I lost this ease.  Often everything in the house became no more than potentially an object to be moved.  Moved where?  Would the move be into a storage unit, a rental house? If that particular push came to shove would we even be lucky enough to move the stuff or would we simply have to walk away?

And time.  Today I have a sense of having enough time.  I am not in a rush to go anywhere or do anything.  The calendar no longer makes me pant. The house is not burning or threatening to burn.  I have no fire to tend other than the one burning safely in the hearth.  I am at ease with time.  However much it is, it is enough.

So I think I will heat up the water in the altogether perfect electric kettle for another cup of tea, take it to the back porch and enjoy small sightings of fish in the pond with Teddy the Cat.  I think I will enjoy the sound of the wind squalling through this small tree-filled valley.  The chickadees, they are singing my song.  I'll go listen.