The water in the pond is heating up and the fish are on the move, slow and languid, every day now.  Torpedo Joe has not yet caught up to the speed for which he's named but is making his rounds all the same, accompanied by the ever faithful and always lovely Tiger Lily.  Both koi, they grew to a orange and white brindled fourteen inches last year.  And I've caught  glimpses of Mr Fantasticone of the original four goldfish.  He is quite possibly the finny-ish fish I've ever seen. They are like plumes. Or feathers.  So much so I'm quite sure he could leap into the air and fly away if he so desired.  He seems to like the pond and his friends, especially Fatty, too much for that though.

And then there is Haiku.  She is eight inches long now and all white except for a red red square high on her back.  She could be a painting of a poem.  I think she is she because there are about twenty miniature haiku's in the pond.  All white with one piece of red somewhere on their body. A male could also mark his offspring, I know, but on mating day she is the one chased through the water grasses by both Mr Fantastic and Fatty. So be it she.  A haiku for haiku.  And you.

.                                       White fish with red
.                                       swims through yellow
.                                       reflections of spring.