Cat Names

Today I found myself reading an article about cat names that have fallen out of favor.  Whiska and Katie, I fear your names are no longer popular.  Not to say you are no longer admired for your respective deep cat beauty but by today's Huffington Post standards your names are too cute to cut it in current cat name markets.  The article suggests our relationships with canine and feline housemates are becoming much too serious for non-serious names.

I guess that's a good thing.  Most of us are eager for whatever brings more respect to our fellow earthlings.  And if that transformation can be more easily facilitated by a name, let's say like Albert, so be it.  Also that means if Albert were still with us there would be less guffawing when introduced.  He was a serious cat and a serious name suited him him purrfectly. Surprizingly enough it was an easy name to sing.  The article did not mention singing but let me tell you they like it.  Aaall-bert.

And then there was Nelson.  The possibilities for diminutives of his name seemed as endless and as extravagant as he himself:   Nellie-Boy, Baby-Face Nelson, Lord Admiral Nelson but mostly Nellie. Long-haired drop-dead gorgeous as he was, the name Nellie brought about a certain amount of gender confusion. And then there was a certain contingency that thought perhaps he was gay. But no. He was a throw-back. He was a musketeer.  A swashbucker.

The sometimes dubious pleasure of reading cyber is a lot like reading articles in a dentist's office or waiting to have your oil changed.  Waiting room magazines.  An article I probably wouldn't even peruse in a check-out line can catch my attention, for some inexplicable reason, on-line.

Who knows what it's all about?  Will it dumb-me-down?  That's one potential curse of the internet threatened by cyber naysayers. Who knows, maybe I could use a little dumbing-down. Tao recommends  the ability to change above all.  Could cat name talk be included?

Or is it simply a way to have and enjoy a frivolous moment.  And bring back fond memories of those much loved and much missed.  Today, like most days, I'll go for the pleasure. The pleasure of another chance to say....Albert.