Phoebe Chicks Are Chirping

The first chirping from the Phoebe chicks was heard this morning.  And yesterday I saw small fuzzy heads peeking out of the top of the nest.  At this stage they are very odd little creatures with something of a pre-historic look in that long serious beak attached to an obviously unfinished head.  They are all mouth, a big gaping maw demanding to be filled.  The rest of the stuff:  eyes, legs, wings  is on the way but well behind the eating machine that is baby bird.

Sight, flight or song seem not to define these little creatures at all.  Maybe this small meditation will help me keep that in mind when I consider the bird.  All of us, really.  Whichever the road taken, it will be running strictly parallel to the loaf of bread, the bit of worm or the bowl of soup.

And that has taken me directly to thinking about what's on for lunch for the 7 billion humans now living on Planet Earth.  An astounding 2 billion of us may be having a sandwich in front of a computer.  Whoa.  And the bigheads at Facebook would have us believe 1 billion of that bunch are signed on to their page.  I'm not quite sure about that number.  It's so easy to add one here or subtract one there.

I know.  I've done it myself.  The bird though, has no use for numbers that I'm aware of.  For these chicks right now it's food glorious food.  Soon song and flight, along with a bird's eye view of the world, will be added to that life.  I could be persuaded, easily, this morning to trade my numbers for flight but I'm just not getting any takers so it's off to the studio I go instead.