Cherry Tree

I bought the birds a tree.  A cherry tree no less...only the best for these fine feathered friends.  The babies of the Phoebe family nesting in the porch rafters are going to be learning to fly soon.  They hatched about two weeks ago.  I haven't seen them but I found an almond sized shell of an egg on the ground. And the parents have been sitting on the edge of the nest feeding them.  I see the heads dipping in and out so  I know they are in there.

The problem is Ted and Kate.  They have let up on the surveillance somewhat but are still keeping well-informed on all comings and goings.  Opportunists that cats are, when the birds fledge that's when they'll have their chance.  Oh delicious the baby bird.  So very tender I'm sure.

I'm thinking the hardest part of their first flight is going to be getting to the nearest tree. Twenty feet seems awfully far for a fledging.  So I bought them a tree and have placed it about six feet from the nest.  Increasing the odds for survival seems only fair since we humans so often go the other way.

There are a dozen or so cherries on the little tree.  Not quite enough for a pie.  Maybe a tart, turnover or jubilee?  When these babies fly...definitely a jubilee!