Once upon a time in a land called Long-Ago a girl may have dreamed of the man she might one day marry.  In the land called Here-Today that has changed. Instead her dream may be of a woman she may one day marry. One bride, one groom?  Maybe. Two brides? Maybe. Two grooms? Maybe.

A church here in Bethel has posted a big sign saying that we are to obey God and his rules which define marriage are to be found in the Bible.  Definitely a one-God-one-Bible crowd. But exactly which Bible?  What we know as the Bible has gone through an astonishing number of translations for an equally astounding number of reasons.  But it is still a big book and, sad to say, useful as a weapon.

North Carolina is voting on a constitutional ban on same sex marriage May 8 and that accounts for the recent crop of signs.  Our state laws already ban any except man/woman marriage but that's just not enough for this crowd.  They want it written in stone.

I've been a slave.  A slave to love.  But I'll not be a slave to a government or the church on the corner. I have married men because it pleased me to do so.  If it pleased me to marry a woman I would.

Our human world is a crazy mixed up place right now. The river that runs in front of the Bethel church is filled with poisons.  You'd think that might get their attention instead of worrying about someone else's sexual preferences.

Thinking?  Now there's something this Here-Today world might use a little more of. Maybe even thinking about love and thinking with love. That book I was talking about? The second half? Absolutely filled with it.