Sitting on the back porch this morning, having a cup of tea, I decided to stay home today.  This past week has been packed with action.  Some good and some in the not-so category.  Both taking lots of energy.  Physical.  Emotional.  Seemed right to take a laze-around do-little day.  A personal day is what my office bound friends might call it.

Neither cat could be persuaded to walk in the woods with me.  I can usually count on Teddy's company but the phoebe's nest is still under tight surveillance so off I went by myself.

The woods were quiet.  In the mid-day not much stirs. I was coming down one of the steep hillsides to the spring when I spotted a black shallowtail flying up the hill.  A beauty. Flying straight towards me.  And he just kept coming.  He swerved in time to miss my head but I swerved too and down I went.

Knocked down by a butterfly.  Some days it doesn't take much, does it?