Consolation 1: Leonard Cohen

Those things that bring us comfort:  consolation.  This new piece of music from an old man has brought that to me.  He's been around, off to the side mostly, for a very long time.  Songs From a Room was where he got me.  It was the summer of love and the flower he brought included the thorn, included the bit of blood. He's had me ever since.

How fitting a harbinger that title was of what would come from this gravelly voiced man. Songs made in a room and listened to in another, he is a private pleasure. I like to listen to Leonard when I'm alone.  I share my sorrows with him.  Bitter things haven't been just a part of my life...something that I'm watching, means a lot to me, it's a broken banjo bobbing on a dark infested sea...they have been a part of everyone I've ever known.  We resist the dark places.  And even if we don't resist we learn to hide under a bright and personable wrap.

Save me, Poet, from the land of eternal sun.  Save me from hearing any but the big bright lie.  I am soothed by a perfect lullaby....if your heart is torn, I don't wonder why, if the night is long, here's my lullaby...he is never cruel.  We're all hurt from time to time.  Hurt by the precious things we lose, or never have.  Some dreams come true only to turn into nightmares.  It happens.  And the ways of making a bad thing worse seem endless.

Old Ideas is filled with songs about suffering. Songs about healing.  A song about a mouse and a cat who fell in love.  When he sings for a woman he chases her braid and blouse all undone I, too, come undone.

He begs for mercy so beautifully.  He frees me to do the same.