Fox Universe

I saw foxglove blooming alongside the columbine this morning. When I examine the delicate markings it does not occur to me to think the flower is simply part of a passing dream. How very easy it is for me to simply believe the foxglove is a flower.  And I do.   Now whether the red fox living down by the barn comes in the night and slips them onto her dainty paws I do not know.

We've been lucky enough to watch her comings and goings closely this past year.  From what I've seen of her many antics she seems quite capable of doing such a thing.  After witnessing her frolic with the dreaded Tommy Two-Tone I can even imagine that yes, maybe she is attending some event that would require the wearing of gloves.

Standing on her stockinged back legs choosing a blossom for its perfect fit, could she have a date in another reality I simply have not yet experienced?  Jimi Hendricks asked in perfect song if  I was experienced.  It seemed a very important question at the time.  Maybe it still is.  Who am I to define the boundaries of the fox universe?  Or any other for that matter.  And why should I want to?