Oh Blog

Oh cyber world, oh google world...wiley are your ways.

As you can see, I have changed the template for this blog. Cyber powers-that-be reduced the options for editing unless one upgraded to their new and presumably improved templates. I liked the old one and will miss the little description box that flew so nicely above the the posts. But too many things were shifting around, like the list of previous posts, without my input or ability to change them back to what they were. So I finally submitted to their cyber blackmail.

 The Tao is a great one for reminding me, as often as possible, that the ability to change according to the world around us is absolutely required in order to stay healthy and vital. This can be a difficult business, especially when I prefer what was, like the old template. But the damnedest thing...the google people did not care whatsoever what I thought about their changes. So here we go.

 And that appears to be the ultimate criteria in submitting, or not, to changes in the world I am not responsible for making. If I am not able to influence the change in a significant  way then it's time to simply go with the flow. Am I going to commit my days, long working days, to trying to persuade google to unhand my old template? No.

The tree, she bends in the storm or breaks.  Sweet to say,  no matter how strong the wind her tree-ness cannot be changed.  She stays tree.  The blog has changed in ways I have not chosen.  What I choose to say and how I say that's another matter.

I hope you like the new template. And will find it in your heart to forgive me for taking away the little box.