Here, Writing

This is not a wildly popular site.  Two hundred thousand visits have not been made. More like 2000. You who read this blog I mostly know.  You are either friends or friends of friends and I like that.  And there are a couple of people who have drifted in from far flung places, like Nepal and Indonesia and I like that too.  Very much.

By knowing most of you I've been able to develop and maintain a discipline that I've never really had before in writing.   And oh how I thank you for that.  For me it's simple.  As much as I have wanted to be, I'm not much of a diarist. Knowing that what I write will be read by someone makes all the difference.  Also knowing that some of you are writers, and very good writers at that, helps me try to keep the bar high.

And I know you to be sensitive and kind people.  Thinkers. That has helped me reduce the rant I'm prone to considerably. You know what I know. I don't have to turn up the volume to get your attention with any issue I'm dealing with.  I figure you're curious about the how, be it rounding up a wayward cow or considering my local church's stand on same sex marriage.

We all have our day we're busy living.  Thanks for wanting to know about mine.  Soon I'll be making post number 100.  Small fish swims on. There's plenty more to explore in this big pond of ours.