Count Down

I'm delivering paintings for next week's showing on Monday and, as usual, the last minute details are all-consuming.  Framing, wiring, hooks, final touch ups are  the order of the day.  And, of course, my usual madness which includes the thought of adding one, or even two, more paintings to the group. Ridiculous because it is not physically possible.  The material facts of oil painting include a certain amount of drying time and that is unalterable.

Reading about Paul Klee this morning I came across a wonderful line about painting:  "each must obey the command within him, where ever it may lead.  Our own heart urges us to go deeper, down to bedrock."

This group of paintings are surely bedrock paintings for me.  They have gone all the way down.  Past metaphor, past story, past texture. I think Pam extremely generous in showing them.  None of us have much of an idea if a strong market is a possibility for them.  But we are hopeful.

Good vibes.  Send them this way this next week.  My friends you may not be physically present this next week but I know you're with me.  And that holds the  promise of the makings of a groovyBaby day.  Thanks.  Wednesday at the Art Cellar.  4 to 6.