Post in Progress

Lately I've been using an internal computer language, HTML, to edit my posts. In order to do this I go back and forth between editing and publishing. I realized this means a reader could catch an unfinished post in transit. If you came through at that part of the process you would read it thinking it was a finished piece.

Right now I can't do much about that but I thought I needed to let you know that it was happening. So until a post is absolutely finished I'm going to title it Post in Progress. Simple, I hope anyway.

Some typos the machine just doesn't want to let go, like using thee for the. Maybe this HAL of a machine (remember the movie 2001?) has been reading Shakespeare or Browning....'how do I love thee' and has become smitten. Who knows?

A great deal of serious conjecture considering the intelligence of computers is making the rounds these days. For my money until a machine creates its own machine independently I think they won't and can't be other than an extension of our own not-always-so-smart selves.

Or they could start writing their own blogs. That would be impressive. Then they could experience for themselves the gnarly nature of their language. Even though reading HTML is a bit like reading Shakespeare in the original I'm unable to ride the wave of paranoia that would lead me to believe this machine reads the great Bard.  Or has ever asked  " be, or not to be..."?

To be...a finished post means having a title.  To be...a Post in Progress means come back later when it's a wrap.  Not to be...means I'm reminded to enjoy this day, whatever it may bring.