Born That Way

Ah, what a notion... predestination.

The politician Bob Kerry, who seems to be a fairly decent sort, has become outspoken in his support for gay rights. And outspoken in a state as conservative as Nebraska is surely no less than a good strong shout. His premise is that gays are 'born that way'. They simply can't help themselves. Presumably if one is 'born gay' then the choice of sexual expression or lifestyle is an embrace of a sexual inevitable or a lifetime spent acting out false roles. And Bob appears to have too much human decency to wish false roles on anyone.

But what about all the people who aren't quite so clearly defined? All those people who really don't know who or what the hell they are?  How about the confused androgynous? Or the aimless?  What about the women who have been hurt so deeply by a man they have turned to their own gender? Gone without so much as a look back and clearly by choice rather than genetic predisposition. I've known more than a few.

And what about the libertines? That unspeakably randy crowd who just like sex in whatever form it may come?  All good choices for someone as far as I'm concerned.  And absolutely none of my business. Until a government agency, with seemingly little else to occupy their minds, decides that any of these choices may not only be inappropriate but potentially punishable.  As we all know, punishment takes many forms.  Denial of basic rights over the course of a life may not be a prison sentence but oh the damage it does.

And so these exquisitely private concerns of others become my business.  I pay taxes.  Not much but more than I like and probably more than my share.  Not one dime do I wish to go to some dirty rotten prurient-minded crowd who would take it upon themselves to define what it is I or you may wish, want or have to be.  Born that way or not really doesn't matter.

If we do not have a right, a sovereign right, a supreme and independent right to bodily agency, we are slaves.  I simply must be able to sneeze as I see fit.  Use my left hand instead of my right.  Breathe shallow or heavy.  Walk fast or slow.  And make love to whomever I please.  Or not.  Born that way? Sure.  Born free.