One benefit from my recent gaming addiction is that I have switched an addiction to nicotine to the game.  I'm not sure if this will be better or not in the long run.  I do know my body needed a break from smoking.  That's the way it goes with me and just about everyone else I know.  We swap them out.  We find one thing to replace another.  If we can.

I've come to think that addiction is part and parcel of human life.  To simply be is such a reach for most of us.   It comes in brief moments and if I'm lucky I get to hold onto those moments for increasing long periods.  I could say I'm distracted by the wily ways of the human-made world and it would be true.  Not as an excuse, I don't care about those much anymore one way or another.  And so many of the distractions are good.   The music, the books, the art.  Family. Friendships.

Contradictions abound in this life of mine.  The blank and empty space is precious.  Yet I'm compelled to fill it with something or other most of the time.  And if what I'm filling it with seems (always the operative word) harmless then I'm usually rewarded in some fashion.  If not, then vilification.

Some addictions burn themselves out all by themselves.   I think gaming is in that process.  I don't think I'll be needing help with this one, as I have some of the others.  The creative process trumps the cognitive for me every time.  The chances of this experience being an exception is small.  Infinitesimal.

And maybe that's where I'll come to further understand this phenomenon.  Take a word, any word you like will do.  For me the sound of a word, the rhythm of a word, the often merry path a word may well take me down is simply more interesting than the spelling of the word. The myriad possibilities of the meaning of a word is filled with pleasure.  Etymologies aside, I'm here for the ride.  Flight itself will almost always be more interesting than the structure of the wing.

Almost.  Now there's a good descriptor if there's ever been one.  With it I leave open the possibility of another type of pursuit.  And yes, other things with which to fill that empty space.  I write this and fill a bit of it for myself.  And for you.