0123...looks like that 2 made a successful move to the front of the line giving us...2013.  It's a tidy group of numbers.  Perhaps it will bode well for us all.

The very inclusive all I have in mind includes earthworms and the robins who eat them. The sea's water and the creatures who thrive there. The air-borne and the earth-bound. Tree-dwellers and city-dwellers.  Country bumpkins and those lucky enough to attend an opera in Vienna on this night.  Let them all be well.

Perhaps those enthralled with the killing machine will lay down their weapons and have a waltz instead. New Year's Eve is as good a time as any for wishful thinking.

If you are fortunate enough to be wearing a silly hat and blowing down a painted cardboard tube tonight, then good for you.  If, by equally fortunate fate, you have not been forced to wear such a hat, then good for you.

Whatever the year may bring may it be good for you and good to you.  May it be filled with calm when you need it and excitement when you least expect it.  May your health be vigorous.  May the water you drink be pure.  May the lovers you take be frisky.

Happy New Year