Fox Running

David saw a fox running fast down the meadow this morning after hearing some sort of human activity on the high western hillside.  I have not seen him/her for a month or so and was beginning to wonder if she had moved on.  I'm glad to know the foxes are here and count myself fortunate to see them when I do. I will try to hold this thought as I have also been thinking about getting chickens. Which is exactly what this fox will be thinking about if I do.

The fox heard the human voice and left for another part of the valley immediately.  We call ourselves human but for the rest of the non-human world, however it might be translated, we are probably known as RUN HIDE RUN.  And I think that would be kind. In one of her poems Mary Oliver describes us as 'walking columns of death'.  I must say I find the description apt.

A neighbor in the building where I rent my studio recently paid big money to fly to Colorado to kill large beautiful animals.  He and I are around the same age.  He shares my passion for the music of Peter Gabriel.  How can this be?  What a puzzle to think he could listen to Peter Gabriel and still take an expensive holiday centered on killing.  If I were empress of ice cream I would make that illegal. His recordings of Peter Gabriel's music would be confiscated  and replaced with Ted Nugent's, whom he would be forced to listen to at least once a week.  Talk about punishment!