I have made it out and into town.  And wonder of wonders, I drove all the way back up to the house, leaving a zigzagging trail behind me a hunter would surely read as evidence of a creature in the final stages of rabies.

And the raccoon?  She made it out too.  I envy the lives of my neighboring wildlife.  Fur and burrows for the cold.  Nuts and berries for the table.  Freedom from numbers for all.  They do not wish for a holiday, a sunny day or rain. The weather seems not their concern as they come equipped, and beautifully, for any and all contingencies.  The moment belongs to them.  Their family life is never dysfunctional .  They do not vote for one interest that may or not be superior to another.  And they have no need to glorify the great and seemingly endless varieties of insanity we humans spend so much of our own time doing.

I imagine her back in her burrow. Back in the burrow snugged up with a few friends taking their ease until warmer weather. Maybe even telling the tale of her hellish entrapment narrowly escaped.  Telling her kith and kin about the bizarre encounter with the human woman who also appeared to be trapped. And how, like her, the human woman bashed and banged in what could only be an attempt to free herself.  Don't give up I kept telling the human woman.  Never surrender to the trap. That's the secret, that's the only thing you need to really know. Never surrender. Never give up.