Oh Woe

Snowed in for three days now and I am just about out of the gas for the fireplace.  And just about out of wood for the wood burning stove. Tomorrow I have every intention of plowing my way out of this little road. And with any luck will be able to bring back enough wood to carry me through until the gas truck can make it up this treacherous-when-wet road to fill the propane tank. The truck has a hard enough time delivering in good weather and I feel quite certain that another week of drying out will be needed to make the run to the tank without the driver risking life or limbs.

I have a rather good rendition of the homesteader blues that's been added to my repertoire and will be pleased to sing it to anyone who might care to call.  Those low notes are no problem these days so I can absolutely promise a truly compelling and hopefully entertaining performance.

But that's not all.  Oh no.  A very noisy raccoon has somehow managed to find her way into the attic and has taken up residence. Now, however, it would seem the accommodations are no longer to her liking.  This I have determined from the sound of the bam, bash and bangs! she has been making through out the night.

Unfortunately, she has not been able to find the way she got in and use the same to find her way out.  There  isn't much I can do for her at this point.  At three in the morning (oh the names I had for her) I had decided that I really did not care if she survived or not. Profanities aside, today I changed my mind and have decided to feed her if she is still around in the morning.  I'll climb a ladder and open the trapdoor just far enough to slip in some cat chow. Room service for this beast, can you believe it?

And, of course, David is in Conneticut and will be until weeks end.  Sometime it seems like he misses out on all the fun.  Did I say fun?  Perhaps the fumes from the wood stove are getting to me.  Oxygen deprivation?