On Living by Love, by Art

And the brown cow says breathe, we'll dance when the leaves turn green.  The bare and noble trees say say nothing, be solemn and lend some dignity to the day while the chickadees fly from those same trees saying  fill the feeder.  Good enough and plenty.  Yet another comes, comes and keeps me sane, keeps me whole.

Art, old and faithful friend these many years. How many times that reach into my deepest being has saved my day, my very life?  How many times has kept me upright when human frailties threatened to lay me out once and for all? Has kept me from that last breath with a song?

A bow crosses the strings of a violin keening for every loss. The wild and raucous crowing of a stratoscaster screaming no no no then YES.  The book that opens another world. The poem that brings those many worlds together. The story.

A story two drafts from finish came my way today from a friend. The story, it gave me one big out-loud laugh then broke my heart. And by art's strange magic the breaking of my heart became the very thing that put it back together.  The story says fall from the wall, no matter the pieces we'll put you together, together.

Wild the two turkeys and iridescent, who come to the pond this morning and say bend and lift your head all delicate grace to and from the water's edge. A friend, she sends a story that says love this terrible and beautiful life.  A friend, she says love.