This color, that color?  Clarity or an enigmatic lack of?  Geometric precision or a line that is ever so slightly off?  I think the vast array of possibilities is part of why there's always another painting, another work to be done in  the studio. A return to what was put aside the last time.  Most often I tend to be unsure if an alternate choice was really better or just different.  Much like the landscape, or lovers. 

The most critical opinion of all in the studio has to be my own. It is also the most difficult to come to.  Do I want a better work? Always. Can it be made stronger?  Sometimes.  I change things in my work knowing that once an internal working order has been established in a piece any change will not, probably can not, strengthen a work in a way that's truly significant.  I just know the changes are in some way necessary and that's all that really matters.  Maybe that's the point;  it isn't that one thing is necessarily better, it is simply necessary.  Mine to my vision.  You to yours.