A forty-two inch icicle hanging from the eave of the roof says everything about the state of our weather this past week.  Snow and ice, ice and snow and yet more ice and snow.  The snow has been exclusive to our part of the county, five miles in any direction light flurries were all to be had.  Just as cold everywhere though, and mostly shades of grey.  Blue went shy this week.

But today...shadows.  Long tree shadows stretch out on the white ground.  A dense black sumi ink running swift and sure across good paper would catch this day perfectly.  A large swath of periwinkle spread across the top would be from your imagination's to add from an Eastern perceptive. And why not considering the authority of those shadows?  They simply would not be without a bold sky above them.  Are the  black shadows sent by the sky? Or could they be leading blue back into the sky?  Either or, doesn't matter, spring is once more on its way.