New Digs!

I have just made arrangements to move into a new studio.  Last week prowling around the warehouse I passed by a very large space recently vacated.  I stopped, went back and realized I was looking at the studio of my dreams.  The room is about 1800 or so square feet with a high ceiling, a separate heating system, a window and a door.  Wow.  A window from which I may watch the crows fly from pine to large pine. My own door to come and go through as I please any time I please.  And heat.

I'll be able to keep different mediums in play:  ink, oil, graphite.  Big paper small  paper.  Big canvas small canvas.  Framing. Installations.  And maybe even some of the ideas for sculpture that just won't go away might finally see the light of day.

How grateful I am for the support I've had that is making this move possible.  David, always first to say yes. Mom:  they...the great collective 'they'...say no one knows you like your mother and  in my case it's very close to truth.  And she says oh it's time for this, hands down totally and without a doubt time for this.  Steve and Bill are the literal hand holding the various keys to the warehouse and they are and have been supportive beyond all reasonable expectations.

And my friends who have understood the scale of my ambition.  Friends who always say yes.  Friends who love me.  Reading this today you'll know who you are.  And when you come to the new studio you'll be ready to celebrate with me.  Maybe we'll see one of my beloved crows outside the window. We'll definitely see a painting or two or three or four or five inside.  Maybe you'll dance with me.  Plenty of room for that too.