The Big Bite

I've always loved the radio but I don't listen nearly as much these days as I once did.  In part because our house just picks up one channel.  I've researched various types of antenna but haven't yet found anything that works.  Short wave?  Maybe my next try.  The one station I do get changed their format last year and went from very interesting music shows to talk during the day. NPR. It could be worse I suppose.

Funny that I'll watch cooking shows and listen to food talk on the radio when I no longer cook.  I don't think putting heat to the bottom of a pan to warm soup or steam broccoli counts for much. The pots and pans pretty much stay cold and empty when David is gone. They miss him I'm sure.

One of the talking head shows I occasionally listen to is the Splendid Table. The host is suitably passionate about food or so I thought until yesterday when a small digression on her part lead me to reconsider. She referred to 'dutch scientists'  reporting on their findings concerning the size of our bites.  Of food.  These scientists determined that the more aromatic the food, the smaller the bite.  Made sense to me.  Superficially anyway.

The host in question was affirmed by these finding as she thought her small bites enhanced the pleasure of the taste and experience of eating.  True, yes and also socially correct in the extreme.  Only a two year old can get away with huge smeary mouthfuls of chocolate cake.  Even then the training to do otherwise has begun.

I know our appetites are like the rest of our desires in that they manifest uniquely for each individual.  Social dogma reigns us all in as much as possible and I'm sure in some cases that's a good thing.  But not always. Who among us has never been so hungry for something so good that only a mouth-filling portion will totally satisfy that craving?  Who hasn't at least wanted to sneak to the back of the pantry with something especially wonderful and just have at it?

And I'm for it.  I may not want to witness an act of gluttony but I'll always be glad to know it's possible.  The Tao encourages moderation in all things.  Maybe those all things include only being moderately housebroken. Next time you take a big bite, think of me.