Everybody slept late this morning.  Mom drove out to Bethel to have brunch with us today.  She brought a delicious pie which we all decided was one of the best we had ever eaten with cherries large and tart inside a thickly latticed crust. Sated with chicken and pie we sat on the back porch talking and laughing at ourselves and the rest of the world.  After admiring the fatness of the fish and the friendliness of Katy we took a walk up the hillside to inspect the ancient apple tree which is having an yet another excellent season.  Then down the hillside to inspect the altogether promising crop of raspberries. Flowers were noted and named.  The denseness of the bank-covering myrtle was given much approval as was my new red skirt.  Ruthie found the walking stick David made to be ideal on the hillsides and especially liked the peace symbol painted into its top end.

Memorial Day.  A day to remember those gone now from our lives.  We did that too.  Daddy's handsomeness. My grandparents, Emma and Clarence, and their clever ways.  David's mother, June, and her fine gardens. They drifted though the conversation easy in the same way as on the good days we shared with them.

Peace and plenty.  Would that it be so all over the world.  I'm not sure the lack of excitment would be to everyone's liking but I suspect, and strongly, that for most of us here on the planet the day so described would be just fine.  Maybe even wonderful.

The fish are fat.  And so am I. The cats are happy.  And so am I.