Room to Move

Fait accompli for the studio move. Since we've been watching French movies in the evenings a phrase or two has started slipping into everyday conversation.  I decided la Francoise are simply too lazy to finish a word.  That's why the ending consonants aren't pronounced.  And they like mumbling.  And they make wonderful movies and tv shows.  For adults.  Not as in x-rated but as in thoughtful. Although some days here in this country the thoughtful may as well be x-rated. However, having become a practitioner (strictly entry-level) of non-attachment I'm not in a snit about it.  I can take all that would-be snit energy into the studio instead.

Room to move.  Remember Carlos Castenadas and his great teacher Don Juan?  He kept trying to explain to the lovable but ignorant Carlos the importance of finding his place.  Being lovable (hopefully) and ignorant myself at the time, I was fascinated with the notion of how the energetics of a particular place can be important and the lesson stayed with me.  I've found this place to be quite different for all of us and to each of us at any particular time.

The snapping turtle crossing the road in Valle Crucis yesterday was on her way to a special egg-laying place when traffic started to cause a bit of trouble for her.  I stopped, got out to investigate and understood right away that this near plate-sized creature was more than a little irritated and not at all interested in diving into her shell like her distant kin the tortoise.  She was definitely living up to her name.

I've picked up smaller, hand-sized snappers but this one was way out of my range.  I grabbed an empty box and a walking stick from the van and managed to push her into the box.  Offended, oh she was totally offended by these moves and snapped at the stick, bit the box and would have gladly included me in the mix had she the opportunity.  I pushed the now turtle-filled box to the edge of the road and dumped her, rather unceremoniously, down the bank into the grasses, where, in a bit of a huff, she continued on to find the perfect bit of sand in which to lay her eggs.

Ancient creature.  She snaps because she's too large to slip back into her shell and snap she must when threatened. Strangely enough one of those threats is not extinction.  For me that is maybe the best news of the morning.  Threatened or not, I'll continue to be of service to these creatures when I have an opportunity. We're not so very different, she and I.  Like the great blues musician John Mayall says:  to be our best we both need room to move.