June Morning

The first morning of June is here and so far has fulfilled every possible expection of a perfect summer day. Small white clouds are lazing across the blue of the sky.  The leaves are strong and fully green on the trees but still yet tender.  The breeze is occasional. Birds are singing.  And best of all this morning we have large groups of monarch butterflies down by the barn.  If you want to attract these most ethereal of creatures try manure as they absolutely adore a mix of meadow grasses as processed though cow.  Essence of meadow?  Bullshit? It would seem so.

Would that human propendencies for bullshit be covered in butterflies.  What a wonderful thing! Every time one of us lies, partially or wholly, our heads would be surrounded by fluttering lepidopteras.  This is even better than a growing nose!  Imagine the sheepish look of our politicians and warlords at press conferences suddenly inundated by butterflies.  Imagine business meetings when the room becomes filled with the rainbow palette of large winged flying insects.  I had one of those last week and what a great tip off it would have been.

And instead of being angry about the situation a simple is that a butterfly on your head? would bring any transaction to another type of conclusion altogether.  I mean how could a person feel betrayed or angry with someone suddenly covered in one of the most beautiful of our planets creatures?

The first morning of June is here.  There is glory in the day and not one person I have seen has a butterfly on their head.  Including me when I looked in the mirror.  Perfect.