The natural world. Clouds and grasses.  Rivers and lakes.  The ocean.  Moon and starred night.  Trees, trees and all that move through them, under them or fly above. Nature. We love her when she gives us what we want. When she goes her own way contrary to our wishes...another matter entirely. Fickle, what fickle creatures we are. What gives us what we want when and how we want it we love.  The bear I admire until she makes a sudden and unfriendly move in my direction.  The bee's sting doesn't come with any thought of honey.

All the same, I'm glad.  The  confusions and disappointments of the human-made world just keep mounting. The natural world though, is still pretty much out of our busybody hands.  The powers that be can't do a damn thing about the heat wave.  Can't do a damn thing about the rain that keeps coming and coming and coming.

The grasses are rich and high. The fireflies are having a fabulous season.  The crows are busy harvesting a bounteous crop of apples from their favorite tree.  The rabbit living in our little orchard is fat and glossy.  The fish? Water, water, everywhere and all of it to drink.  They leap in and out of the rain as it pours into the pond and not one has yet been found in the overflow onto the grass.  A deluge for us.  A party for them.

So I'll pull on my boots, put up an umbrella and go.  Into the rain, into the world, into the day.  Nature makes it clear, once again, that mine is only a passage through. Shall I wince, shall I whine? A bit of a bitch, a bit of a moan?  Is that to be my only song through this short passage? I have three umbrellas.  Gene Kelly made beautiful do with one.