Post Independence

And what do  you want to be free of?  Free from?  Freedom, what a thing.  For many of us the past is the tie that binds.  Binds you to a family that doesn't seem to like you at all.  But you keep waiting for their love year after year anyway.  Binds you to friends who may not know who you have become and if they do don't really care for the changes. Binds you to a style you've come to find tiresome.  Binds you to the thought of righting a wrong years past.  Binds you to a fantasy of justice that may never never come to pass.  Binds you to a dogma you may no longer believe and no longer brings you comfort.  Or joy.

All the while today waits.  This lovely day.  This now.  Waiting for this beautiful you.  As reigning Queen of Ice Cream I proclaim every day henceforth to be Independence Day.  The throne is quite spacious. Plenty of room for all of us to share.  The robes are fabulous.  The scepters truly works of art.  Step in to today, slip on your robe, pick up your crown and join the party.  Look in the mirror, love what you see.  Beautiful you.