The thinnest of clouds crossing a bright sky this morning holds the promise of a sunny, dry day.  Having had rain, torrential rains, daily but for a hand-countable few these past two months I can only read promise into this one.  The downpours have sneaked into other days whose beginnings were just as bright, just as clear.

I'm not overly affected by so much rain but the most of the people around me are. Their dismay and occasional resentment spills over into my mood and I find myself waking in the night to the sound of yet another rain thinking no, surely not more.  But more it has been.  Too much of a good thing?  Not for the apple trees whose crop is altogether abundant.  Not for the grasses.  Not for the fish.

But for my friends, yes.  So I'll  be asking the great rain-maker in the sky to let this day carry the promise of this blue blue morning all the way through and into a starred night.  Foolish?  Sure.  Laughable to the hordes of pit-bull philosophers that carry our day?  Absolutely.  Scientifically irrelevant?  Without a doubt.  Belivable to even myself?  No.

But it feels good, and that's the promise of a dry day above all.  That it would make most of us feel good and this morning that is more than enough.  I have some especially potent sage to burn to move my request right on up to the rain-maker herself.  Anybody got a match?