Soft...the Day

After making numerous attempts at breaking the mass of tightly packed cloud covering today the wind finally succeeded and has left us with an eighteenth century Chinese landscape painting come to life.  Clouds have now spread onto every hillside and their fine mist covers every valley. All noise has been muffled except the occasional rough call of crow to crow.  The dampness of the Van Dyke brown forest floor muffles also the smallest movements of the small creatures for whom it is home.

The mist of the day charms and mesmerizes by the sudden lack of clear boundary as much as this silencing. One hillside fades suddenly into sky, another is simply gone altogether.  Bared limbs of trees reach first into one another then vanish into grey.  A magic to be sure when so many of our well-organized systems of visual measure simply disappear.  Maybe not the best of days for the metalled carapace in which we encase ourselves for driving but for walking:  exquisite.