Words...worlds of words.  At the center of us:  consoling words, tormenting words, words filling us with sorrow or laughter.  Words build governments then run them.  Words justify the worst in us then bring that worst to account.  With more words.

There was a time when the human existed without the word.  I prefer the theory that we sang to communicate with one another.  We twittered a high note, grunted a low and called everyone to dinner.  Maybe.  The more honest approach to history may be admittedly conjecture but to revise is irresistible and in my revisionist world the human once lived fully and well.  Eden by any other name.

Was there a time when our brain functioned without words? Were there even what we might call thoughts without words?  Were our experiences so all-consuming that words were without value?  I practice a silencing meditation to give myself a break from the very things I line up on this page.  These silences bring a calmness into my day that help keep me from being swept up in the confusions of modern life. Peace, if you will.

We look to the word to bring new structures to our lives, new ways of being that might bring more peace. All the same, for all our efforts my thoughts return often to Einstein who suggested that we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Interesting that he did not speak until he was five or so. How responsible were those first long years of silence for creating the genius that he would become?

Peace.  The season is upon us as we make our way to a silent and holy night.  Perhaps it is the silence itself that is holy.  All wonder is, in the beginning, without word.  To be awestruck is to be silenced.  Maybe to be silent is to invite wonder to come closer.  Maybe.